In Dreams

Reach. Strive. And you will succeed.


but don’t try too hard.

Some of the best things come naturally.


but don’t give beyond your means.

Save some strength and some quiet time for yourself.


but don’t question everything.

Some problems have no answers.


but don’t try to conquer everything at once.

Go slowly, discovering and growing along the way.

Trust in doing the right thing, even if it may seem wrong at the time.

Believe in your inner strength,

even if you don’t feel very strong all the time.

Live your life and give your best.

And try each and every day to keep in mind..

That to truly enjoy this moment it time,

all you really need to do is..

to reach out for your dreams..

and let them reach out to you.


1 comment so far

  1. Anonymous on

    good one….
    really inspiring…
    am sharing this to my team now…
    and they all love it… hiks…

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